The CMJA is now accepting pre-registrations as we await final approval of our rules and regulations from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

When you pre-register your Miniature Jerseys with the CMJA, you will be emailed a certificate of registration that you can print off for your records.

After we receive final approval under the Animal Pedigree Act, you will be mailed an official certificate at no additional cost.

We are currently offering introductory pricing on all registrations and transfers. We recognize that as a brand-new association, many of you will be registering animals that are older than 6 months of age or were imported or purchased more than 6 months ago, so registration fees will be $25 for members and $45 for non-members regardless of age or the date they were purchased or imported.

Breed associations in Canada are incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act and regulated by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.

Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has declared the Miniature Jersey is an Evolving Breed, as it is a new breed (developed within the past 30+ years) with relatively few numbers in Canada.

To become a recognized breed within Canada, the CMJA is required to prove breed stability: for offspring to consistently meet the breed requirements without 'throwbacks' and sufficient growth of the breed to provide a large enough genetic pool of purebred Miniature Jerseys to prevent excessive inbreeding.

The first step involved preparing a breeding plan with progressive requirements to develop a breed that transmits consistently. (To learn more about the CMJA's breeding plan, please visit our Breeding Plan page.)

Because we are still considered an Evolving Breed, an animal classified as 'Purebred' in an American breed association may only qualify as a base animal in the CMJA. This is all part of the process of proving breed stability and consistency to AAFC so that we can eventually become a recognized breed within Canada!
Registration Certificates

The CMJA issues three types of registration certificates: Junior, Breeding Stock, and Full Mini.

Junior certificates are temporary certificates and are issued to all animals under 3 years of age.

Once the animal is height verified at 3 years of age, one of the following permanent certificates is issued:

Breeding Stock certificates are issued to all base animals and F1, F2, F3, and F4 crosses after 3 years of age.

Full Mini certificates are issued to all offspring of F4 + F4 crosses after 3 years of age, provided that they meet all breed requirements. After the Miniature Jersey becomes a recognized breed within Canada, animals registered as Full Mini under the current program will be considered Purebred.
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