​Height Verification

All cattle under three years of age will receive temporary registration with a Junior certificate. Following their third birthday, their height must be verified and proof provided to the CMJA to ensure that breed standards are met.
Height is measured to the top of the hip at 3 years of age:

Miniature Cows: 36"-44"
Mid-Mini Cows: 44"-46"
Bulls: 38" - 46"
Bulls must be height verified by a veterinarian using the height verification form provided by the CMJA. Cows can be height verified with an approved photo or by a veterinarian.

To height verify, the animal must be standing square on flat ground. With the animal's head up in a comfortable position, measure to the highest point of the hip bone and snap a photo.
Once the animal's height has been verified, qualifying animals will be registered within one of our registry's two height categories (Miniature or Mid-Mini) and receive permanent Breeding Stock or Full Mini certificates free of charge. (Visit our Registration page to learn more about our certificate categories.)
Any animals that exceed 46" at three years of age will be archived in the herdbook. These animals can continue to be used for breeding, and their offspring can qualify for registration as an F1 cross. (Visit our Breeding Plan page to learn more about F1 crosses.)

Cattle not height verified by three years and six months of age will be archived in the herdbook. Once height verification is provided, the animal may be re-registered at cost and receive a permanent certificate.
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