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Miniature Jersey breed requirements
a. Miniature Jerseys come in most shades of brown, from light fawn, all the way to mulberry; commonly seen with a broken coat, which is patches of white markings commonly known as 'painted'
b. Mealy-white band will be present around the muzzle
c. Will have a dished face with a black nose and black pigment around the eyes
d. Switch can be black, white, or a combination of the two
e. Must have black hooves. Some white may be present if there is white above the hoof
f. Small, smooth dairy frame
g. Measuring to the top of the hip at 3 years of age, being shorter than 46" for both cows and bulls and taller than 36" for cows and 38" for bulls
Crossbred animals must meet the following progressive requirements to be registered within the Canadian Miniature Jersey Association. Miniature Jersey bulls must be used in order to advance the breeding plan.
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