How to pre-register your Mini Jersey
Thank you for choosing to register your animal with the Canadian Miniature Jersey Association! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.
1. Register your herd prefix (FREE for Founding Members)

Registering a herd prefix is optional, but highly recommended if you are registering animals that are bred and born on your farm.

Registering an animal you bred with your herd prefix is like an author putting their name on the cover of a book; it gives you credit for your work.
2. Print and complete the pre-registration form
Name of Animal: limited to 30 digits, including prefix, suffixes (P for polled animals, ET for embryo transplants), and spaces.

Prefix: use your prefix when registering an animal that is bred and owned by you. If you purchased a bred cow, the calf will be registered using the prefix of the owner at the time the cow was bred.

NLID tag number: this is the 15-digit number on the round button tag in your animal's ear. (Animals tagged in Canada will start with 124; animals tagged in the USA will start with 840.)

Make sure the animal is permanently tagged with a white NLID tag before submitting your registration application. If the animal has already been tagged with a yellow CCIA tag, you will need to order NLID tags through Holstein Canada and cross-reference the tag numbers.
3. Provide a copy of the previous registration certificate OR print and complete a pedigree chart

If filling out a pedigree chart, please provide all known information for each animal in the pedigree, including full names, registration numbers, birth dates, and mature heights at 3 years of age.
4. If registering an animal that's 3 years or older, print off and complete a height verification form
Height verification is required for all animals 3 years of age or older; providing this now will prevent delays in issuing your animal's permanent certificate.

Bulls must be height verified by a veterinarian using the height verification form provided by the CMJA. Cows can be height verified with an approved photo or by a veterinarian.

For more information on how to correctly height verify your animal, please see the Height Verification page.
5. Provide a side photo of the animal
Email a clear side photo of the animal (see example below) to with the subject line "Photo Verification".
6. Provide a copy of all DNA test results. All animals must be parentage verified and will require tests for Chondrodysplasia and PHA unless both parents are tested negative.

BBR testing will be required once it becomes available for the CMJA.

For more info on the required and optional tests, please visit the Genetic Testing page.
7. Include payment for all registration or transfer fees. Your pre-registrations will not be processed until payment is received, so including payment with your application will prevent delays. If you submit an application without payment, an invoice will be sent to the email address provided in the application.

Herdbook launch promo: until the end of March 2024, ALL animals, regardless of age or purchase date, qualify for the under six months fee ($25 for members, $45 for non-members).

Cheques must be made out to the Canadian Miniature Jersey Association, or e-transfers can be sent to
8. Mail everything to the CMJA

Canadian Miniature Jersey Association
Box 545
Spirit River, AB
T0H 3G0
Canadian Miniature Jersey Association
Box 565
Spirit River, AB
T0H 3G0