​About the CMJA

The Canadian Miniature Jersey Association was formed to support Miniature Jerseys breeders by putting breed standards in place and is moving forward to become the nationally recognized association and registry for the Miniature Jersey breed in Canada.
Our Mission

To help our members find and create the ultimate family milk cow, providing the opportunity to raise standards and improve the quality of these hardy little milkers. We strive to bring honesty and transparency to our association in order to support the cattle found within our registry. ​


Members of the CMJA will influence the development of Canada's first Miniature Jersey registry, support the growth of the Miniature Jersey breed in Canada, and receive discounted rates on registrations and transfers.
Founding members will receive a free herd prefix registration once the CMJA receives approval from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada as the nationally recognized Miniature Jersey registry, as well as a certificate of recognition and a mention of gratitude on our website and in our newsletter.
Registrations & Transfers

The CMJA will provide registry and herdbook services to our members. Transfers from other miniature Jersey registries will be accepted, provided the animals meet CMJA breed standards.

We will allow the registration of mid-size Jerseys as breeding stock to ensure that we do not lose valuable genetics, while our genetic recovery program will recover the lost lineages of unregistered Miniature Jersey cattle.

Height Requirements

We observe the height requirements established by the original Miniature Jersey breeders. Cows will measure no taller than 44 inches at the top of the hip at three years of age, and bulls no taller than 46 inches. Mid-size cows that exceed 44 inches but are under 46 inches and meet all other breed requirements will be accepted as breeding stock. 

DNA Testing

To breed healthy animals with longevity and keep the Miniature Jersey as a functioning dairy cow, we will use DNA testing to prevent genetic defects like Chondrodysplasia. Parentage verification will be used to verify the herd's lineage and maintain the herd book's integrity.


Our goal is to increase genetic diversity and grow the Miniature Jersey breed from within Canada. Our grading up program will allow for the registration of crossbred cows (small standard Jerseys bred with other select miniature breeds such as Dexter and Lowline) as foundation animals. ​

​When a foundation cow is bred with a purebred Miniature Jersey bull that meets the CMJA breed standards, the resulting offspring can be registered as a percentage purebred. The purity increases with each successive generation until they eventually reach purebred status within the CMJA. 
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