‚ÄčAbout the Breed

The Miniature Jersey is a relatively new breed developed over the last 30 years by crossing small standard Jerseys, similar in size and stature to the original Jersey Island cattle, with other miniature cattle breeds like Dexter and Lowline. Even though the Miniature Jersey is still a developing breed, some animals are starting to reach purebred status thanks to meticulous breeding programs.

Miniature Jerseys come in most shades of brown, from light fawn all the way to a dark mulberry, and often have white markings (commonly known as a broken coat or painted). They will have a delicate, dished face with a black nose and a white or off-white band around the muzzle. Their hooves are black, and their switch can be black, white, or a combination of the two. Cows have well-attached udders and produce plenty of rich, creamy milk to raise a calf and feed your family, without the overwhelming production of many dairy breeds. 
Standard vs Miniature Jersey
The most noticeable difference between standard Jerseys and miniatures is their size. A mature standard Jersey measures 50 inches or taller, while miniature cows measure no taller than 44 inches at the top of the hip at three years of age, and bulls no taller than 46 inches.

The smaller size of the Miniature Jersey makes them less intimidating and easier to manage. They require less feed and space, thrive on grass, and are hardy cattle that winter well in our northern climate and have few health issues.

Miniature Jerseys are gentle cows, and the miniature bulls are typically mild-mannered and docile, unlike their standard counterparts, which have a reputation of being high-strung and aggressive.

All of this makes the Miniature Jersey the ultimate family milk cow!
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